Why should hydraulic fluid be disposed of correctly?

Disposing of hydraulic fluid needs to be done correctly to avoid contaminating the environment. Not only is this environmentally friendly, it is also the law.  

Hydraulic fluid is used to keep hydraulic equipment working and providing industries with machinery that is effective, powerful and safe. However, companies need to dispose of hydraulic fluid correctly when it is changed. Fluid can become contaminated and compromise the hydraulic components, and it will need to be changed.  

Power Team SA suggests that when it comes to disposing of hydraulic fluid, it needs to be done correctly to avoid interacting with the environment. Hydraulic fluid can take a long time to break down and have a negative effect on local plants and wildlife. Business owners need to have a strategy in place for the correct disposal of the fluid making sure it is appropriately recycled. This includes understanding your oil footprint – knowing how much oil you use will help determine the oil disposal strategy that should be followed.  

In between changing the fluid and disposing/recycling it, it needs to be stored in a suitable container which is properly labelled, waterproof and leak proof. This helps to prevent contamination. Staff members also need to be educated about the regulations around waste management and keep accurate records on where the waste is kept and how and when it is disposed.  

Power Team SA suggests the following ways to dispose of the fluid:

Recycle: involves the removal of all water and contaminants to allow the oil to be reused or make it non-hazardous so that it can be disposed of safely.

Regeneration: this is very similar to recycling but once the oil is completely clean additives can be replenished to be re-used.

Energy recovery: this is the burning of waste oil as fuel. This is done in power generation industries.

Making sure that all contaminated fluid is disposed of correctly is an industry concern, and should be done in accordance of the law. Power Team SA is able to handle all queries regarding hydraulic fluid and its disposal, and their experienced team is on hand to assist with anything hydraulic related with regards to all industries.