What is a Toe Jack?

There are many different types of Jacks in the workshop to accomplish different tasks and carry different loads. The Toe Jack is such a piece of equipment and is perfectly designed to lift items with very low or high clearances. This unusual name was given to it due to the fork-like part in the front of the jack.  

How does a Toe Jack work?

Toe Jacks are used to lift loads that are lower to the floor and can also handle the weight of heavy machinery. Available in various sizes to handle different weights gives operators the opportunity to use the Toe Jack for a variety of operations. The forked appearance in the front of the Jack allows it to slip under what it needs to lift, and almost resembles a forklift. The ‘head’ part of the Toe can sustain heavier loads from higher clearances. In order for the toe to life this weight, a hydraulic pump is used to ensure that the load can reach the desired height, and if your Toe Jack includes a swivel function you will be able to move the item to where you need it.

What is a Toe Jack used for?

Toe Jacks are often used to lift and lower heavy loads to where they need to go, including moving skates. These loads are moved easily, and if the item is incredibly heavy, multiple Toe Jacks can be used at once. Warehouses often employ the use of Toe Jacks, but the varied weight capacity of the Jacks means that they can be used in a variety of industries and departments to ensure that lower items are moved to where they need to be safely.

Power Team SA supplies a range of quality Jacks to various industries. Hydraulic Toe Jacks from Power Team SA offer high-performance lifting capacity up to 27.5 tonnes and provide rugged under equipment lifting with only 27mm of ground clearance. These Jacks can operate both vertically and horizontally and is ideal for industries taking part in rigging, machine lifting, truck lifting and other lifting applications. All Toe Jacks from Power Team SA are equipped with specialised base, toe and pumping features allowing it work in confined spaces. To enquire about which hydraulic jack would suit your workshop floor, Power Team SA will be able to give you their expert opinion based on their decades of experience working within the hydraulic equipment industry.