What is a radial air piston?

A radial piston motor is a mechanical drive that converts the pressure of an inflowing gas or liquid into a rotary motion. This is used for applications with high torques and low speeds. Although originally used in hydraulics, the radial piston motor can now be used for pneumatic applications as well.
When the gas (pneumatics) or liquid (hydraulics) moves into the centre of engine, the pressure is transmitted to movable pistons. These pistons have rollers and run on a curve built into the inner housing. The position of the pistons dictates the alternation between compression and expansion. If the curve depicts a valley, the pistons will have more space and allow the medium to flow in. If it depicts a mountain, the piston is pushed back and the medium in it is compressed. This creates the rotation of the cylinder which incorporates the pistons. Very little compressed air is needed.
Power Team SA, suppliers of hydraulic components and accessories, supplies SPXFLOW Hydraulic Technologies heavy duty radial piston air motors. They are available in six models of SPXFLOW Globe heavy duty radial piston air motors, which include customised controls, brake and gearbox configurations, and ensures that you get the best motor for your application. These six radial piston motors have oil bath lubrication to develop more power than motors of the same size and include numerous control valve and output options.
Providing continuous or intermittent operation, Globe’s range of radial piston air motors operate in temperature ranges from -20 °C to 80 °C. They are ideal for applications like winches, paper and steel mills, construction, oil and gas industries, offshore marine shipyards, mixers & pumps, conveyors, hoists and track drives. SPXFLOW Globe Radial Piston Air Motors from Power Team SA can be used in many applications where peak power between 1.7 KW And 23 KW is required. In addition, valves have two methods of actuation and controllers enable management of motor speeds.
Power Team SA distributes and services Globe Radial Piston Air Motors throughout the country. With decades of experience within the industry, Power Team SA are on hand to provide expert solutions to all related queries.