Unusual uses of hydraulic systems

Hydraulics is widely known to be used within in various industries so carry heavy loads, for precision and for safety. But there are many uses of hydraulic systems that are not that well know.
Hydraulic systems have a wide range of uses beyond their traditional applications in heavy machinery and equipment. There are a range of uses of hydraulic systems that are relatively unknown, such as:

Hydraulic prosthetics. Hydraulic systems are used to power prosthetic limbs for people with amputations. These prosthetics use hydraulic cylinder and pumps to mimic the movements of natural limbs, giving amputees greater mobility and control.

Hydraulic bicycles. The Hydraulic systems are used to power bicycles, providing additional assistance to riders. The system can be used to store and release energy, making it possible to power a bicycle with fewer pedal strokes.

Hydraulic press machines used for art. Hydraulic presses are used by artists to create sculptures and prints. These presses use hydraulic cylinders to apply pressure to metal or other materials, creating intricate designs and patterns.

Hydraulic car ramps. Hydraulic systems can be used to lift and lower car ramps, making it easier to access the underside of a vehicle for maintenance of repair work.

Hydraulic bridges. Movable bridges such as drawbridges, use hydraulic systems to raise and lower the bridge. Hydraulic cylinders and pumps provide the power needed to move the heavy bridge sections.
Overall, hydraulic systems have a wide range of applications beyond their traditional heavy machinery and equipment. Their ability to provide power, control and precise movements makes them useful in many different fields, from medical prosthetics to art and design.
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