Types of machinery used on construction sites

The construction industry has benefited through the use of hydraulic equipment as it is safer, faster and more efficient than previous equipment used. Hydraulics is used in all types of equipment on a construction site from the biggest mobile equipment such as an excavator to more small, compact types of equipment.  

Hydraulic equipment is used for various and varying jobs on a construction site. Seven hydraulic equipment that can often be seen on a construction site include:   

  1. Excavators are one of the most used pieces of hydraulic equipment on a construction site. With its long arm complete with an attached digging bucket and operator cabin that can rotate up to 360 degrees, it is used for a variety of purposes such as excavating, demolition, heavy lifting and river dredging. A dragline excavator has a long book and a digging bucket suspended from the top of it with a cable. This is used for underwater excavations.  
  1. Backhoes are used for multiple purposes such as excavating trenches and lifting or unloading materials. It has a hoe on the back of the machine with a loading bucket attached to the front. 
  1. Bulldozers are used to remove soil up to particular depth. It has a front end with a wide metal plate with a sharp edge, and the plate is raised and lowered using hydraulic pistons.  
  1. Trenchers are available as chain trenchers, which has a fixed long arm used a with digging chain, and wheeled trenchers, which has a metal wheel with digging teeth. Both are used to excavate trenches for pipelines or cable laying or are also used for draining purposes.  
  1. Loaders are used on development sites to load material such as soil and demolition waste, or to deposit material. It has a large bucket at its front end which is attached to a shorter hinged arm.  
  1. Dump trucks are off-road vehicles with large wheels suitable for any ground condition, and large enough to carry large quantities of material. They are use to carry material from one place to another.  
  1. Graders are used in the creation of roads to level the soil. It has a horizontal blade situated between its front and rear wheels, which is lowered to the ground while working.  

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