The sustainability of the hydraulic industry in the future

To ensure that hydraulics remain popular, the industry needs to take a leap into the future and accommodate the needs and wants of younger users, as well as make themselves more accessible.

The future of hydraulics

Although hydraulic equipment should be updated to fit in with a more modern world, it can be said that this equipment is still very much sort after by various industries. One of the strengths that makes hydraulics appealing to users is that it is more environmentally friendly than other options. Hydraulic power is an option that many companies and governments are looking at to help lower their environmental footprint. To take advantage of this positive, hydraulic equipment should be integrating new technologies into their designs, including electronic controls and electromechanical power transmission.

Future hydraulic trends

As hydraulic designs and systems embrace the future, trends will be noticed within the industry. Power Team SA, supplier of hydraulic components and accessories, have noticed familiar trends occurring and are excited about how this can aid the industry going forward: 

  • Systems are going to become more compact. At the moment, these systems are far too large to be incorporated where needed, and if they are going to be able to produce the power needed, the challenge for the designers will be to create a small system with a bigger punch.
  • Although hydraulics offers a smaller environmental impact than its counterparts, there are still some systems that fall short when it comes to their environmental footprint. Designers and manufacturers will need to create systems that are more energy efficient to fulfill this need.
  • In the coming years, hydraulics will implement new technologies that will help to address challenges currently faced in the industry, as well as allow for systems to be used in advanced ways making it easier and more affordable to maintain. Combining hydraulics with already existing technologies will help to produce more effective solutions.
  • Increasing reliability of hydraulic systems is another area that designers will be looking at. Having these systems be more reliable in the future, will ensure that more industries will expand on their current hydraulic uses.

The future of hydraulics will see designers and manufacturers working to ensure that this fluid power equipment fits into a world where environmental impact holds more attraction than other features, while new advancements in technology and reliability are required to ensure that systems work and thrive in the future of various industries. Power Team SA are at the forefront of hydraulic systems and due to decades of experience are able to provide expert opinions and solutions. Their professional staff throughout South Africa are knowledgeable about different hydraulic needs within different industries.