Ten everyday uses of hydraulics 

Hydraulics, whether people know it or not, can be found not only in large equipment but in everyday items as well. Many don’t realise how much we depend on hydraulics to help make our lives easier, get us from place to place, and just ensure that we can continue with our lives without a hitch. 

Power Team SA, suppliers of quality hydraulic components, knows the importance of hydraulics in all aspects of our lives, allowing us to live our lives the best we can. Power Team SA has come up with the following uses of hydraulics that are sometimes unknown: 

  1. When filling up our cars with petrol at the gas station, it is through hydraulics that the fuel can be drawn from their storage tank into the car.  
  1. Hydraulics can be found in most car designs, from their brakes to their steering wheels. Even vehicle repair and maintenance require the use of hydraulics, as it is due to this that a car can be raised and lowered during the service. 
  1.  Dishwashers are one of the most cherished and sort after items in the kitchen. Hydraulics are used within this machine to increase the water pressure for better cleaning, and to keep the machine quiet.  
  1. Hydraulics on a construction site is not an uncommon site. It can be found in most equipment such as cranes, forklifts, jacks, pumps and is also used to ensure that the machinery is safe while lifting and lowering very heavy objects. 
  1. Airplanes use hydraulics to help operate their control panels and their brakes (similar to a car’s brakes), while amusement parks use it for more control for attractions such as the Ferris Wheel.  
  1. Hydraulics can also be found in the entertainment industry allowing for stages to be lifted and dropped.  
  1. When taking the elevator instead of the stairs, remember that it is hydraulics that allows this piece of machinery to rise, lower and stop all day, keeping all occupants inside safe and delivered to their desired location.  
  1. Bakeries use hydraulics to mass produce bread and pastries, especially in the use of the conveyor belts used for packaging.  
  1. When relaxing at the barber think about the hydraulic mechanism you are sitting on. This mechanism allows the barber or hairdresser to raise and lower the seat to the desired height. This same mechanism is use in office chairs as well.  
  1. Snowploughs use hydraulics to allow it to move up and down and side to side.  

Hydraulic mechanisms within equipment have provided us with reliable, safe and efficient equipment options. Power Team SA is available to discuss all hydraulic related queries, and with decades of experience working with hydraulics in various industries are able to provide relevant information.