Spxflow Bolting Systems

Bolting Systems from SPXFLOW Hydraulic Technologies provides hydraulic bolting solutions that increase operator safety, save on project time and increase product lifecycles. The product range is available in South and Sub-Saharan Africa from Power Team SA

Hydraulic Bolting Solutions

Bolting Systems from SPXFLOW Hydraulic Technologies, available from Power Team SA are hydraulic bolting solutions designed to facilitate increased uptime, longer product lifecycles and higher operator safety.

SPXFLOW Hydraulic Technologies bolting systems is a full service manufacturer of controlled hydraulic bolting solutions, which include hydraulic torque wrenches and hydraulic tensioning systems.

The company is a specialist in flange management software packages with regards to infrastructure construction, operations and maintenance applications. These specialities are brought to you locally by Power Team SA.

Spxflow Bolting Systems

Bolting System Solutions

Our range incorporates a range of torque wrenches, bolt tensioners, pumps, tools and subsea tools and a comprehensive range of accessories.

Torque Wrenches

To reach previously inaccessible bolting areas, and provide consistently accurate torque outputs from 211Nm up to 71816Nm, featuring additional safety enhancements such as retract relief valves, for example.

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Bolt Tensioners And 1500 bar Pump

Range of productivity enhancing tensioners & pumps providing over 100 000 cycles per pump and over stroke eliminators for bolt tensioners.

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700 Bar Pumps

Provides improved usability, increased efficiency.

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Facilitates flexible working conditions and enhances production with a range that includes nut splitters, hydraulic spreaders and spreader kits.

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Subsea Tools:

Includes subsea tensioners, accessories and flange pullers designed to increase subsea productivity.

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Bolting Accessories

Includes twin-line topside hoses; topside tension; subsea twin-line hoses; subsea tensioner hoses; splitters and spreaders; and hydraulic fluids.

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In-line manual and in-line solenoid 700 bar valves with 19 l/min flow rates, designed to ensure the optimum operation of your cylinder, pump and application.

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Strong Southern African Presence

We distribute and support these products across southern Africa with full sales and support, repair and maintenance; and testing and calibration services provided through an extensive network of branches across South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, DRC, Ghana and Tanzania.

Power Team SA is headquartered in Meadowdale, Johannesburg.

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