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Power Team SA supplies the 55-ton universal bearing puller for applications requiring a tough, versatile hydraulic puller in heavy-duty maintenance applications. This hydraulic bearing puller includes 4 cylinder extensions and is suitable for use with an overhead crane for specialised assembly.

The 55-ton universal bearing puller (The Enforcer 55 Series) from Power Team SA uses a high-quality hydraulic lift system for easy, precise positioning of the puller.

The bearing puller’s hydraulically actuated jaws ensure a secure grip on the workpiece. Being self-centring, the cylinder automatically ensures an even, balanced hold. The bearing puller uses a unique dual pump arrangement: a low-pressure pump is dedicated to positioning, holding and opening the jaws while the high-pressure pump advances or retracts the pushing cylinder without the clamped jaws releasing.

The universal bearing puller can be used in tight spaces, such as between machinery, with the puller able to mount 90° left or right of the cart centreline.


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    Puller can be assembled in 2 or 3 jaw configurations
    Choice of cylinder (6¼“ or 13¼“ stroke)
    Guards at pinch point ensure safe operation
    Swivel casters provide maximum mobility