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Universal Bearing Puller: 100 Ton


Power Team SA supplies 100-ton universal bearing puller for large machinery applications that pose tough maintenance challenges. This hydraulic bearing puller is ideal for steel mills, mines, oil fields, utility projects, paper mills, construction sites, railroads, airline shops and shipyards.

This 100-ton universal bearing puller (The Enforcer 100) from Power Team SA is designed with a hydraulic lift system that enables easy, precise positioning of the cart’s 100-ton puller.

The bearing puller’s adjustable jaws always pull on a flat surface, with a retaining chain that holds the jaws in position during placement. It has a spring-loaded mechanism that enables the puller to align itself on uneven pulls. Our patented Grip-O-Matic® feature tightens the jaws progressively as more pulling force is applied for maximum pulling efficiency. If the workpiece is more than 90 cm from the floor, a lifting bracket can be used to lift the workpiece. The adjusting screw allows vertical positioning of the puller during operation.


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    100-ton single-acting, spring-return cylinder w. max. pressure of 700 bar
    2-stage, high-pressure hydraulic pump controlled by remote hand switch
    Pushing adapters w. diameters of 4⅛” and 2½”
    Tow bar provides puller mobility