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Shorty Hydraulic Cylinders – RSS Series


Shorty hydraulic cylinders from Power Team SA are low-height, spring-return actuators with lift from 10 to 250 tons. They are available as single-acting and double-acting cylinders.

Our shorty cylinders are ideal where high hydraulic force is needed in confined areas, from 8.9 to 29 cm. The single- or double- acting models are designed with a heavy-duty return spring which provides fast piston return and a low collapsed height.

The cylinder body, piston and gland nut are treated for enhanced corrosion resistance. Accessories include cribbing blocks, seal kits and standard couplers.

Grooved piston top keeps load from sliding
Coupler on 10- to 50-ton models angled upwards 5° for even more clearance
Cylinders can de dead-ended at full capacity
Removable carrying handles on 100- & 250-ton models

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