Puller Adapters


Puller adapters from Power Team SA are designed to provide maximum flexibility in tackling bearing and gear maintenance. Use these adapters across our range of pullers.

Gear and pulley pullers: Ideal for pulling small parts with tapped holes. 4-in-1 puller set: Assemble a 2- or 3-jaw puller with standard or long-reach jaws quickly and easily! The set has a 7-ton capacity. With standard jaws, reach is 5”, maximum spread is 10½ “, while on the long jaws, maximum spread is 11”.
Flange type puller: With slotted holes in the puller body, cap screws can be positioned to suit bolt-circle diameters from 1 ½” to 4 ⅝”.
Metric adapters:

You can use this adapter to add metric capability to your Push-Puller® legs or forcing screws. 4 separate metric kits are available.
Female and male threaded adapters: Add female or male threaded adapters to the ends of your Push-Puller® legs.
Step plate adapter sets: On hollow shafts or housings, these adapters are necessary for pulling and installing bearings and gears.
Shaft protector set: Designed to protect shaft centres from distortion under extreme pressure. Insert these between the end of the puller screw and shaft.

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