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Posi-Lock Hydraulic Pullers & Accessories


Posi-Lock® hydraulic pullers and accessories from Power Team SA provide an even wider range of mechanical and hydraulic puller tools to enhance the removal of gears, bearings or any other object that needs removing from a shaft.

No more unsafe practices like hammering, heating or prying components! The Posi-Lock® range includes over 200 product items covering a wide spectrum of applications. The combination of hydraulic power units and rams and mechanical pullers ensures an effective, secure and safe pull for every application.

Posi-Lock® hydraulic pullers are designed with a unique safety cage that simplifies installation and enhances its safety. The T-handle enhances efficiency of opening, closing, locking and alignment of the jaws. Ram points in various lengths are available for a range of applications.


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    Combined hydraulic and mechanical component collection of over 200 products
    Hydraulic pullers come with lift plate for ease of transport and lifting
    Non-damaging pulling with minimum effort