Description Economy Toe Jacks from Power Team SA have similar features as Bottle Jacks but are suited to the lifting and positioning of machinery (up to 10 tons) through their toe-lift feature. An added safety feature of our Economy Toe Jacks is an internal pressure relief that limits the jack’s lifting capability to the capacity of the toe […]

Portable High Tonnage Hydraulic Jacks – Railroad Edition

Description Portable High Tonnage Hydraulic Jacks from Power Team SA feature a patented load lowering valve that enables safe and smooth lowering of loads through the removal of load chatter and bounce. These jacks have a maximum lifting height of 1 778 mm. Available in electric and air motor options, this range of Portable High […]

Electric Pump – PE 10

The PE 10 Series hydraulic pump from Power Team SA is a portable, high performance pump that is designed to power hydraulic cylinders or handheld tools up to 25 tons. This compact electric- and battery-powered pump delivers 10 000 psi (700 bar) on a single battery at continuous operation for 15 minutes! The PE 10 […]