Manual Puller Sets

Description Manual puller sets from Power Team SA enable quick and easy maintenance for a wide range of bearing and gear servicing applications. With 10-ton and 17.5-ton options, our manual puller sets provide optimum service mobility for hundreds of applications, including the removal and replacement of gears, bearings and press-fit parts. These puller sets include […]

Slide Hammer Pullers

Description Slide hammer pullers from Power Team SA are ideal for pulling motor, generator and magneto bearings, and for removing small-bore bushings, bearings and oil seeds. They are perfect for those close-quarter pulling jobs. We supply numerous slide hammer puller types as part of this range, including: slide hammer puller sets, pilot bearing pullers, reversible-jaw […]


Description Mechanical Push Pullers® from Power Team SA provide push / pull force from 10 to 30 tons. The Push Pullers® are easily set up to achieve either a push or pull action. Optional leg kits can be used to adapt the Push Pullers® to an extra-long or an extra-short reach. The specified tonnages of […]