Manual Puller Sets – 10 & 17.5 Ton

Description Manual puller sets from Power Team SA enable quick and easy maintenance for a wide range of bearing and gear servicing applications. With 10-ton and 17.5-ton options, our manual puller sets provide optimum service mobility for hundreds of applications, including the removal and replacement of gears, bearings and press-fit parts. These puller sets include […]

Hydraulic Puller Sets – 10 Ton

Description Push Puller® sets from Power Team SA are ideal for quick and easy servicing of off-road construction equipment and machinery. This 10-ton manual puller set includes pullers, attachments and a range of versatile accessories, and is perfect for removing gears, bearings, and so forth. This versatile set contains 3 Power Team bar-type pullers, permitting […]

Hydraulic puller sets -17.5, 30 & 50 Ton

Description Hydraulic puller sets from Power Team SA provide powerful gear and bearing pulley solutions, with capacities of 17.5, 30 and 50 tons. These sets ensure servicemen a customised pulley solution, right at their fingertips! By reducing downtime through a more efficient service and maintenance routine, Power Team helps companies increase their profits! Hydraulic puller […]