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Infinity Series Air Pump PA60A

Infinity series air pumps PA60A from Power Team provide over 100 000 cycles and continuous pressure for up to double the speed of a typical 2-stage pump, significantly increasing productivity.

ATEX-compliance and CE approval grants the Infinity series air pumps PA60A enhanced usability, as does its lightweight and portability, and its 4-port manifold. Sourced from SPXFlow Bolting Systems, this model air pump is designed with safety in mind and has an easily adjusted pressure relief valve, retract relieve valve pressure is fixed at 103 bar.

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    Safe use with a fixed 103 bar retract relief valve
    Lightweight: 2 models at 34.9 and 40.1 kg respectively
    Provides continuous duty in ambient temperatures up to 50 °C
    Twice the speed compared to normal 2-stage pumps
    Power up to four tools from one pump