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Bolting Solutions Software

Bolting solutions software from Power Team South Africa enhances the management of your assets and hardware, simplifying plant operation and maximising the potential of available resources.

Our software can be used to supply plant-wide management intelligence on infrastructure and intelligently manage joint and pipework assembly and architecture.

Our available software packages include FlangePro and Adviser. They allow operators to maintain the structural integrity of their pipe and bolt hardware.

FlangePro is a fully featured Flange Management System, maximising control of the Flange Register, allowing comprehensive and consistent operation of all flange, make-up and inspection processes or commissioning, operations and turnarounds / shutdown applications.

FlangePro maintains key information on flanged joints, leak testing and bolt load calculations and methods, ensuring operators can maintain the mechanical integrity of their piping assets.

FlangePro provides operators and plant managers with a central platform from where they can capture, store and visualise information on flange status and health. It is a cloud-based platform that supports regional and international project execution in real-time over remote networks.

It automates your business operations with RFID tagging, allowing you to identify physical and paper assets for more accurate asset management. The software is highly flexible, and can be configured to mirror your organisational processes.

Flange management
Equipment and inventory management
Personnel management
Service, inspection and process management
Shutdown project management
Pro-commissioning completions management
Leak test planning

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    Useful in providing intelligence for all tightening procedures and torque sequences, the Adviser software channels many years of bolting solutions experience into a single, invaluable computer software programme. It provides operators with an array of actionable data, including bolt tightening data, procedures and recommendations for standard, non-standard and specialty joints. All this on a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate interface. The software can be used for standard flanges, wafer check valves, spade and spacers and swivel flange assemblies. You can use it to provide torque data and tensioning tool pressures on both subsea and topside applications.

    It provides tightening data for BS1560, MSS SP44, API 6A and 17D flanged joints
    Large database of bolt materials and lubricants. New materials and lubricants can easily be added
    Joint-specific recommendations for improved integrity