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Aluminium Hydraulic Cylinders – RA Series


Aluminium hydraulic cylinders from Power Team SA are single-acting, spring return general purpose actuators, providing hydraulic force from 20 to 100 tons. They are designed for jacking and other non-production applications.

The main advantage of our aluminium cylinders is that they are half the weight of steel cylinders of equal capacity. The hard-coated aluminium piston rod and cylinder bore provide enhanced resistance to wear and corrosion, while also providing increased resistance to sparking in explosive environments.

Heavier models are equipped with carrying handles. This range is also compatible with a wide range of accessories, including aluminium cylinder bases, handles, seal kits, standard couplers and swivel caps.

Half the weight of steel cylinders
Extended heights from 21 to 64 cm
Grooved piston top helps keep loads from slipping on top of the piston

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