Bearing Puller Attachments

Description Puller attachments from Power Team SA enhance your bearing installation and removal capabilities. We have jaw spreaders and bearing and pulley attachments available as part of this range. BEARING AND PULLEY PULLER ATTACHMENT: Our bearing and pulley attachments are used where space does not permit hooking puller jaws to fit directly to the part […]

Puller Adapters

Description Puller adapters from Power Team SA are designed to provide maximum flexibility in tackling bearing and gear maintenance. Use these adapters across our range of pullers. OUR RANGE OF PULLER ADAPTERS INCLUDES: Gear and pulley pullers: Ideal for pulling small parts with tapped holes. 4-in-1 puller set: Assemble a 2- or 3-jaw puller with […]

Bearing Pusher

Description Bearing pusher from Power Team SA are ideal for a variety of press-fit parts, including bushings, bearings, gears, wheels and pulleys, with a pushing force of 8 tons. They are suited to a wide range of bearing maintenance applications. They’re used in motor repair shops, steel mills, mines and quarries, shipyards, utilities, maintenance shops, […]