Maintaining your hydraulic equipment

With the December holidays coming up, it is important to make sure that all products are well maintained to continue working over the holiday season. Many believe that hydraulic systems can run on for a long time without being maintained, however this is not true. When it comes to hydraulic components and hydraulic equipment, up-to-date maintenance needs to occur to avoid any unnecessary downtime and machine breakage.

The cost of replacing hydraulic parts due to tear-down and poor upkeep, completely outweighs the cost of maintaining and keeping the equipment in good working condition. Maintenance should be done on all equipment in order to avoid problems in the future.

When it comes to maintaining hydraulic equipment, having, and following a maintenance schedule is important to the lifespan of the machine. Included in this schedule needs to be the following:

  • Check and maintain fluid levels and fluid cleanliness
  • Fluid levels need to be kept at the correct temperature and viscosity
  • Create and keep to a hydraulic component changing schedule to avoid further damage
  • And, keep up with the hydraulic system settings specific to those of the manufacturer.

Although it may seem time consuming, and even costly after a while, the money and time spent maintaining the equipment will be far less, than those lost should the machine fail unexpectantly. Cleaning and checking the oil and hydraulic components can take a matter of minutes, while the downtime involved of having a machine unable to work, will take a lot longer.

Power Team SA through years of working with and supplying hydraulic components understands the elements needed to keep hydraulic equipment running efficiently and without any hiccups. As the supplier of quality hydraulic pieces, Power Team SA is on hand to offer suitable solutions to all hydraulic components and equipment needs, as well as maintenance advice for each component.