Evolution of Hydraulic construction equipment  

Before the use of hydraulic equipment within the construction industry, most of the equipment relied on winches and wire ropes to get the job done. Hydraulics were not common on most machines. Although these simple designs were easy to maintain and fix with nothing more than a hammer, hydraulics offered something this equipment could not – efficiency.  

When you look at the types of equipment used on construction sites today the changes they have made to the construction industry is evident. Hydraulics brought with it versatility, power, efficiency, productivity, cost effectiveness and durability. Power Team SA, suppliers of quality hydraulic components and accessories, has seen the growth of hydraulic equipment over the years within the construction and construction related industries, and understands the needs that hydraulic equipment can provide.  

With the advancement into hydraulic equipment one of the most noticeable changes is the increase in operating pressures. With the increase pressure the cylinders in the hydraulic equipment can move faster getting the equipment, such as an excavator to operate at higher pressures than previous machinery, increasing efficiency.  

The components used within hydraulic equipment such as the pumps and cylinders are made with finer tolerances which improve durability therefore increasing productivity and reliability. This ensures that less leakages occur, as well as less downtime will. Pumps have also become more evolved as high-pressure piston pumps offer better performance than the gear pumps that were used beforehand, allowing for highly efficient, load-sensing hydraulic systems.  

The evolution of hydraulic equipment within the construction industry has made the machinery more controllable and more fuel efficient and has also resulted in pressure-compensating and load-sensing systems being developed. Construction overtime has developed and become more reliable through the use of hydraulic equipment, offering power, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and less downtime.  

Power Team SA highly recommends the use of hydraulic equipment within the construction industry due to its rough terrain, hard working atmosphere, heavy-lifting needs, and essential safety standards. Power Team SA supplies quality SPXFLOW Hydraulic Technologies hydraulic components and knows that only the best will do when it comes to a high-pressured environment such as construction.