Elements to consider when choosing a cylinder

A cylinder is one of the critical components of a hydraulic system, which is why it is important to choose the correct cylinder. Hydraulic cylinders harness fluid pressure and flow to create linear motion and force.

When choosing a hydraulic cylinder there are few elements that need to be considered:

Which type of cylinder should be used?

There are two types of cylinders to choose from for industrial application – tie-rod and welded cylinders.

Tie-rod cylinders have strength threaded steel tie rods on the outside of the cylinder housing for additional strength and stability. They are used on most industrial applications and are usually limited to a 3000 psi maximum operating pressure.

 Welded cylinders or mill-type cylinders have a heavy-duty housing with a barrel welded or bolted onto the end caps and require no tie rods. These are designed for pressures of 5000 psi or greater. These cylinders are preferred for more rugged applications such as presses, steel mills and offshore settings.

Hydraulic cylinder mounting methods

Once the type of hydraulic cylinder is determined the proper mountings need to be selected. Mounting methods play an important role in how the cylinder performs. The mounting methods are determined by if the cylinder body is stationary or pivots.

Stationary cylinders have fixed mounts on the centre line of the cylinder and are best for straight line force transfer and minimal wear. Pivot mounts absorb the force on the cylinder centre line and allow the cylinder to change alignment in one plane. Common types of pivot mountings include clevis, trunnion and spherical-bearing mounts. Clevis mounts can be used in any direction and are usually for short strokes and small to medium-bore cylinders. The mid-trunnion design is the most common used as it offers designers a bit more flexibility and can be aligned in cylinder mid-section or anywhere toward the front or rear. Once the mount is specified, it can’t be adjustable.

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