Pros and cons of pneumatic systems

Once the difference between a pneumatic and hydraulic system is understood, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each system before making a choice.

Pneumatic systems use compressed air in their systems, while hydraulic systems use compressed fluid, with both being better suited to certain applications.

Pneumatic systems come with various advantages and disadvantages:


  • Pneumatic systems are generally cheaper in cost than hydraulic systems due to their size, and the less space that needs.
  • They are best suited to the food and pharmaceutical industries as there is less risk of contamination and offers a very clean environment.
  • Due to the use of dry, compressed air, the system can move items at a quick rate.
  • Reduced maintenance and clogging due to design elements.
  • Easy to install and are portable.
  • Low set up cost.
  • No storage container is required as the system uses compressed air drawn from the surrounding atmosphere.
  • The air is dried and free from any moisture so that it does not create issues to internal components.
  • Available in a variety of different sizes.
  • It is an agile system and changing the direction of the system is simple and can be done quickly.


  • Does not exert as much force as a hydraulic system.
  • Cannot be used in applications that require lifting and moving of heavy loads.
  • Compressed air can experience air pressure fluctuations and therefore the movements can be jerky while moving or lifting loads.
  • A larger cylinder is needed to produce the same amount of force that a hydraulic ram can produce.
  • Energy costs are higher with pneumatic systems, as they can lose energy through the heat produced while compressing air.
  • Pneumatic systems are very noisy, and therefore employees’ hearing needs to be protected.

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