Cars and hydraulics – a safer, more comfortable ride

Hydraulics play an important role in the automotive industry ensuring that the end result offers safety, efficiency and even luxury. Hydraulics can be found in various elements in a car such as the brakes, suspension and power steering.
In the braking system, hydraulics is used to transmit force from the brake pedal to the brake callipers, which applies pressure to the brake pads and slows down or stops the vehicle. The system is based on the principle that liquids are incompressible, which allows for the force to be transmitted without loss of energy. The pressure created by the hydraulic fluid causes the brake pads or shoes to press against the rotors, creating fiction effectively slowing down the vehicle. Hydraulic brake systems are typically more reliable and offer better performance than mechanical systems.

Hydraulics are also used in the suspension system of vehicles to provide a smooth and stable ride. These systems use a pump to pressurise the hydraulic fluid, which is then distributed to the various shock absorbers or struts in the vehicle. As the wheels encounter bumps in the road, the hydraulic fluid is forced through small orifices, which slows the movement of the suspension and reduces the shock transmitted to the body of the vehicle.
Hydraulic power steering systems can be found in various vehicles to make it easier to turn the wheels. A pump pressurises hydraulic fluid, which is then sent to a power steering gearbox. As the driver turns the steering wheel, the hydraulic fluid pushes against a piston in the gearbox, which helps turn the wheels.

Cars with convertible tops often use hydraulics to raise and lower the top. A hydraulic pump is used to pressurise the fluid which is then sent to a series of cylinders that move the top up or down.
Overall hydraulics in the automotive industry provide a reliable and efficient way to transmit force and control motion, making vehicles safer and more comfortable to drive.
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