Assembling cars through the use of hydraulic equipment

Hydraulics is widely used in the building and assembling of cars for through the use of different applications, such as pressing, lifting and clamping.

• One of the most important uses of hydraulics in car manufacturing is in the pressing, where large hydraulic presses are used to shape and form metal sheets into car body parts, such as fenders, doors and hoods. These presses can exert a tremendous amount of force, allowing them to bend, stretch and form the metal sheets into the desired shapes and sizes.
• Hydraulics is also used in the assembly line of car manufacturing plants to lift and position car components during the assembly process. Hydraulic lifts and jacks are used to raise and lower cars and heavy components, making it easier for workers to access and install components such as exhaust systems, suspension systems and drivetrains.
• Clamps and jigs use hydraulics to clamp components together during assembly. This ensures that the parts are held firmly in place while they are bolted or welded together. Hydraulics is also used in jobs, which require specialised fixtures to hold components in the correct position during assembly.
• Hydraulic robotic arms handle components during the assembly process. The arms use hydraulic cylinders to move and position the components with precision.
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