Advantages of using a hydraulic system

Within many, varied industries, hydraulic equipment is used due its various advantages. Being used in equipment such as cranes, forklifts, jacks and presses, amusement park rides, aircrafts and the power steering of car to name a few, hydraulics is a trusted and common system that is used by many the world over.
The advantages of a hydraulic system include:
• They are simple to use and include levers and push buttons in their designs. It is easy to start, stop, accelerate and decelerate, and the controls are accurate for controlling.
• They are capable of moving heavy loads without having to use gears, pulleys or heavy leavers
• Provide greater force and constant torque no matter how fast it is going compared to mechanical, electrical or pneumatic systems
• Hydraulic equipment tends to work better, for longer and is less likely to break down due to its simpler design. This equipment has fewer moving parts compared to others, and are very durable, and therefore easier to maintain, fix should a breakdown occur and are cost effective.
• Less maintenance is needed. With a schedule in place the components can be maintained and replaced only when needed.
• These systems use high density in-compressible fluid which hardly leaks, again ensuring that maintenance costs are kept low.
• Hydraulic equipment does not cause sparks and is therefore safe to use in a variety of industries such as chemical plants and mines where having a machine that causes sparks is a fire hazard.
• They can be used in hot environments where other machinery would most likely overheat. They are also less noisy.
• More environmentally friendly systems, even more so if they are water-based.
Hydraulic equipment is a better choice than other machinery in the same categories, and it is due to their advantages that many industries are looking towards this type of equipment. Power Team SA, suppliers of quality hydraulic equipment and components, knows the importance of finding the right equipment for business and budget. Power Team SA through decades of experience are on hand to provide simple, efficient, effective and expert advice when it comes to finding the right hydraulic components and equipment for your business. Contact Power Team SA for all your hydraulic needs.