Advantages of hydraulic equipment in construction

The hydraulic equipment market was valued at $42,04 billion in 2021 and is expected to register a CAGR of 3.87% over the period of 2022-2027. One of the primary drivers of this market is the expanding construction sector potential. 

Hydraulic equipment is popular within the construction industry as it can carry heavy loads, is safe and very efficient. Equipment such as graders, excavators, loaders and dump trucks rely on hydraulics to get the job done, as well as smaller equipment such as scissor lifts, trenchers and concrete pumping systems.

There are many advantages of using hydraulic equipment on a construction site, which include: 

  • Powerful motion and precise control are two benefits that construction sites need. Hydraulic equipment can offer these through the use of hydraulic actuators such as cylinders and swing motors. With the addition of multiple actuators, complex motions are made possible, and together with the power that hydraulics provides equipment such as excavators can dig deeply and scoop, lift and deposit heavy loads. A skilled operator can maximise the precision of the machinery as well. Hydraulic systems far outperform their cable, winch and linkage operated equipment, and when combined with modern technology such as grade laser position can provide additional potential.  
  • The ability to convert hydraulic power into torque enabling equipment to carry or push heavy loads. The fluid power system allows the machinery to easily cope with heavy loads without having to worry about gears, pulleys or heavy leavers, and provides great force. This type of machinery can also be known as track motors and used to move heavy loads and move over difficult terrain. This machinery relies on the machine’s hydraulic system to function correctly. Hydraulic wheel motors are also indispensable for wheeled machines such as forklifts.  
  • Hydraulic construction attachments can be used for large and small machines and can perform various, difficult tasks. These attachments can include hammer and breakers, cable reelers, truss booms, compactors, trenchers, grapples, magnets and concrete busters. These attachments allow the machine to be used for various purposes.  
  • Due to their robust designs, hydraulic machinery is less likely to breakdown as they have fewer moving parts than other machinery. This also makes the machinery more cost effective, and easier to identify a problem should it occur.  
  • Maintenance is quicker and cheaper as it only occurs infrequently compared to other machinery. Also, the high-density compressed fluid used by hydraulic machinery is less likely to leak.  

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